LED Matrix Game System

I built a big LED Matrix, wrote a game engine for it, and got developers to write games for it.

Drum Machines Nerd Nite Talk

On September 14, 2016, I gave a presentation on Drum Machines at Nerd Nite Austin. I also brought eight machines from my personal collection to show.

Unicorn Eyes

I made sound-reactive LED eyeballs for the band Total Unicorn's new masks.

Fantastic Feud Podium Lights

I added big LED arrows and a bell to the podium I made for the Fantastic Feud trivia game held during the Fantastic Fest film festival.


I bought the x0x-heart circuit board from Open Music Labs The x0x-heart is a clone of the TB-303 voice. It is just the synth voice, without a sequencer. That suits me just fine because I build my...

The Mystical Tarotron

An old-fashioned fortune telling machine with LEDs.

The Golden Age of the Home Computer

On September 11, 2013, I did a presentation at Nerd Nite Austin on The Golden Age of the Home Computer.  It features many machines from my personal collection.  I focused on 1983 - a very significant year in the history of home computers.

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