The Mystical Tarotron

An old-fashioned fortune telling machine with LEDs.

The Golden Age of the Home Computer

On September 11, 2013, I did a presentation at Nerd Nite Austin on The Golden Age of the Home Computer.  It features many machines from my personal collection.  I focused on 1983 - a very significant year in the history of home computers.

FatMan Mods

I modded my PAiA FatMan to adda sub-octave square wave oscillator, hard sync switch, and band pass filter switch.

Panoramical Controller

I built a custom arcade controller for an incredible new game called Panoramical. It is not a game in the traditional sense, in that there is no objective. It is an immersive visual and auditory...

Fantastic Feud Podium

I built "buzz-in" buttons and lights into a podium for the Fantastic Feud trivia game held during the Fantastic Fest film festival.


After I built the NeinOhNein hand clap pedal, I was inspired to create my own hand clap circuit – the Thunderclap. When I designed the LDB-1 Drum Machine, I included a simple hand clap. The sound is...

Hand Clap Pedal

This is my first attempt at painting a custom pedal. Up until now, I have always used inkjet printed vinyl stickers on my custom pedals. The pedal is built around the NeinOhNein Clap...

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