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The Tarotron 3000

The Tarotron 3000 is a fortune telling arcade machine. It combines a centuries old divination technique, fine woodworking, pinball machine artwork, and modern technology. Draw four cards from the tarot deck and the robotic mystic will tell you your fortune.

The Tarotron 2000

A hand-held fortune telling machine with a separate LCD screen for each of the 10 cards.

LED Matrix Game System

I built a big LED Matrix, wrote a game engine for it, and got developers to write games for it.

Unicorn Eyes

I made sound-reactive LED eyeballs for the band Total Unicorn's new masks.

Fantastic Feud Podium Lights

I added big LED arrows and a bell to the podium I made for the Fantastic Feud trivia game held during the Fantastic Fest film festival.

The Mystical Tarotron

An old-fashioned fortune telling machine with LEDs.

Panoramical Controller

I built a custom arcade controller for an incredible new game called Panoramical. It is not a game in the traditional sense, in that there is no objective. It is an immersive visual and auditory...

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