Bender Sequencer Circuit Board Ordered

I ordered the Bender Sequencer circuit board from today. I redesigned the board about ten times before I was satisfied with it. The most recent and significant modification was to enable the board to (optionally) be used in a bare-board configuration without a separate control panel. I will be offering the Bender Sequencer as a kit, and I wanted to be able to offer a version that was complete on a single board and needed no external parts, specifically, no enclosure and control panel.

After looking at a lot of kits, I think that many people will want that option. It also reduces the total price of the parts. I searched long and hard for the right trimmer pots to use. I wanted to keep the board small, but still contain all ten pots. I found a trimmer that can actually be adjusted by hand as well as with a screw driver.

One of the things I dislike about many kits is that the battery clip hangs off the board by the wires. So, I also redesigned the board to include a 9V battery clip under the board. It actually acts as two of the feet of the board. The boards will arrive next week, but I will be in Florida, so I will not be able to assemble them until February 8th. I will post lots of pictures when I get them put together!