BMP2PEG (Bitmap to Peggy)

Now that I have my Peggy2 up and running, I was able to finish my bitmap to Peggy2 conversion program. I uploaded it to the Peggy2 Google code archive. The program converts any bitmap file into a program that runs on the Peggy2 and displays the image in LED glory.

After writing the read-me file for the program, I realized that it required too much explanation, so I went back into the program and made it smarter. It can now convert color images to grayscale and can convert any number of colors or shades of gray into a 1, 8 or 16 color image. I also included a lot of explanation on how the Peggy2 displays shades of gray. I literally spent more time on the read-me file than on the program.

Wendell, the inventor of the Peggy2, said he had trouble compiling it with GCC. So, I actually had to get Linux and Mac VMs and install GCC to test it. That was a first for me. I had never done any Linux programming and had not programmed for a Mac since working on the original Macintosh back in college in 1985. It works fine. So, now the read-me has instructions on running it on Linux and Mac as well as Windows.