Built a New APC

I had made an Atari Punk Console in October but wanted to build another one with more features and a more professional look. I also wanted to build it in a tiny enclosure, so I wanted a really tiny circuit board.

I bought an APC circuit board from JimmiePRodgers.com. This was another case of figuring that a thing must exist and Googling it only to discover that it does. In fact, there are two. GetLoFi.com also sells one. GetLoFi.com is a great site, but I like Jimmie’s APC board better and it is cheaper.

I searched for the smallest enclosure I could find that has a 9V battery compartment because I hate unscrewing the enclosure to insert/remove the battery. The enclosure I picked is only 2.6 X 3.6 X 1.1 inches. I also found a really tiny speaker that is flat enough to fit under the battery, so it doesn't take up room where the controls go.

I made a bunch of improvements over my first APC. I used an on-off-(on) toggle switch for power so it can be on either constantly or momentarily. I added a photoresistor and a three position toggle switch to control which potentiometer the photoresistor was replacing, or to cut it out of the circuit. I added an audio out jack, which Jimmie’s board makes very easy. I also added two jacks for external control: one for the power, and one for the resistance. The same toggle used for the photoresistor is used to control which pot is externally controlled. That makes it easily controllable with my Bender Sequencer.

I finished it off with a sticker that I cut out of adhesive vinyl with my Silhouette digital cutter. That really gave it a polished look. I am very happy with how it turned out.

Here it is with all of the controls, jacks and the speaker installed.

APC Controls

Now the circuit board is connected.

APC with Circuit Board

This is the outside of the unit.

APC Outside

The finished APC!

APC Finished

Click on a picture for the full sized version.