Experimental Garage Sale 2011

I will be one of 13 vendors at the 4th Annual Experimental Garage Sale!

Circuit Bent Instruments, Un-Bent Gear, Parts, Vintage Components, Custom Lamps, Kits, Art, Raffle and MORE.

Vendors: Mickey Delp, Steven Buck, Tommy S., the junkyard catalist, Creme Dementia, GetLoFi.com, Low-Gain Electronics, Tim Kaiser, Mike Kana, Cordinated, Mike Una, Welcome Tomerica, Cosmic Blooper

Saturday, June 4th, 2011, from noon to 6pm, raffle at 3pm. More details in the Facebook Event.

UPDATE: The event was a huge success! The turnout was great and it there were tons of cool electronic gizmos. Many thanks for the wonderful hospitality the Chicagoans showed this Austinite. See you next year!