Handmade Music Austin #13

The next event will be Sunday, November 14th, 1:00pm at Switched On (1111 East 11th Street, Suite 150, Austin, Texas 78702)

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Discount price only at the HMA workshop: $80!

Add a live video component to your audio rig with Lars Larson's BitVision Video Synthesizer kit! A hybrid digital and analog design, BitVision gives a smooth, fuzzy analog color response when displaying pixel images held in its image buffer, and can be controlled by external audio or clock signals.

  • A frame buffer which can display internal shapes and images in many colorization modes.
  • 8-bit color palette, although thousands more can be revealed from the analog color phase shifter.
  • An analog envelope follower/generator that responds to an external audio or clock signal, with gain and decay controls to modulate video.
  • A frequency counter also derived from the audio input, which can modulate video based on the frequency of the input signal.
  • Program and mode selection pushbuttons, as well as two arbitrary knobs and one pushbutton to control parameters dependent on the currently selected display program and mode.
  • Integrating programming header allows savvy users to upload their own images and animation routines.
  • 1/8" jack audio input.
  • Composite video RCA output.
  • Runs off 9VDC wallwart power supply (center negative)