Workshop at Switched On

Synth Building Workshop presented by Switched On's School of Music Electronics and Delptronics!

I will be leading another beginner electronics workshop and this time we will be building a mini synthesizer. The circuit is an original design reminiscent of the Weird Sound Generator (WSG) and Lunetta synthesizers. You will get all the parts you need, printed directions with lots of pictures, plus hands-on instruction. Beginners are welcome, even if this is your first time soldering. Experienced builders will love the complex sounds this simple circuit can produce.

If you came to the solderless breadboarding workshop, then this is the next step - building a permanent circuit!

Pictures and sounds coming soon...

Sign up for the workshop on the Facebook Event.

Tuesday, November 29th @ 7pm

Switched On Music Electronics
1111 E 11th Street, Austin TX

Workshop: $20 + Parts: $25 =
Total: $45