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Bender Sequencer Circuit Board Works!

I got the order of four boards from ExpressPCB.com and soldered it together and it works!  The only error I made in the design was that the holes for the screw terminal header are not big enough.  So, I had to solder wires there.  It is not a problem when the board is used in an enclosure since the terminals or jacks will be on the outside of the enclosure.  The wires are actually handy when using the sequencer to control a breadboarded circuit.  I already updated the PCB layout with bigger holes for the next round of boards I order.  I also moved the power switch to the top of the board because it is more ergonomic.  Now I will solder up some more boards so I can assemble the enclosures I have ready and waiting.

Pictures and video:

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Bender Sequencer Circuit Board Ordered

I ordered the Bender Sequencer circuit board from ExpressPCB.com today.  I redesigned the board about ten times before I was satisfied with it.  The most recent and significant modification was to enable the board to (optionally) be used in a bare-board configuration without a separate control panel.  I will be offering the Bender Sequencer as a kit, and I wanted to be able to offer a version that was complete on a single board and needed no external parts, specifically, no enclosure and control panel.

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Peggy2 Slide Show Update

I uploaded an update to my Slide Show sketch for the Peggy2.  Someone who downloaded it emailed me and said he had problems adding a fourth slide.  I was quite puzzled because his code looked fine, but when I loaded his modified program into my Peggy2, nothing happened.  In fact, I thought that my hardware had died.

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Handmade Music Event

I attended the Handmade Music event here in Austin.  It was the fourth one they did.  I found it by searching online for “circuit bending event Austin.”  I figured in a town this cool, there must be some circuit bending event going on – and there is.  This was the fourth event and they are doing them every month.  It is run by Dr. Bleep of Bleep Labs.  They are the people who make the Thinkgamagoop sound machine that is sold through ThinkGeek.com among other places.

We built two devices during the event.  One was the SimSam from 4MS.  The other was the Nebulaphone from Bleep Labs - which isn't even publicly available yet.

The event was a blast and I will certainly go to the next one.  If you are near Austin, I recommend attending.  I wore my APC shirt to the event and a lot of people commented on it.  Now I am seriously thinking of selling them.

Built a New APC

I had made an Atari Punk Console in October but wanted to build another one with more features and a more professional look.  I also wanted to build it in a tiny enclosure, so I wanted a really tiny circuit board.

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Peggy2 Slide Show with Mooninites

I uploaded a Slide Show sketch for the Peggy2.  The program allows you to display images on the LED display and is very configurable.  It includes a Mooninite 1/31/07 memorial slide show.  One of the reasons I bought the Peggy2 was to be able to display Ignignokt and Err.  I had tried to buy original Mooninite boards from eBay, but I always get outbid.  People are willing to pay a lot more than I am!  Anyway, now any Peggy owner can show their ATHF love.


Learning PCB Design

I originally was going to use a protoboard to build the Bender Sequencer.  That is the method I have always used to make “permanent” circuits.  But, I decided to try designing a circuit board.  I had already learned ExpressSCH for creating schematics, so I started playing with ExpressPCB.  It is very easy to use and has a user interface that is almost identical to ExpressSCH, so the learning curve was very short.  I have been searching online for information on good PCB design.  I’m learning a lot and I redesign the board completely every few days.

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