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Schematic Diagram Program

I searched online for a program to create nice circuit schematics.  I had been using Corel Draw, but it is a bit time-consuming and I figured there must be software out there specifically designed for schematics.  I found ExpressSCH which is from ExpressPCB.com.  I have seen their ads for years in Nuts and Volts magazine.  They have proprietary software for designing circuit boards as well as schematics.  The program is very easy to use.  I now have a very nice schematic for the Bender Sequencer.  I am still working on the layout for the control panel and finding all the right parts.

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Bender Sequencer Idea

I had an idea for a sequencer that can be used with circuit bent devices.  I designed it around a 555 timer and the 4017 decade counter.  I have used both of those parts for years to make blinky LED displays.  I breadboarded a prototype and have started designing a cool enclosure for it.  I did a search online for sequencers and found that there are several designs out there.  However, they are all built for integration into a modular synthesizer.  What I want to do differently is to make a circuit specifically for use on bent devices.  So, I redesigned the circuit so that it is isolated from the device being bent using optocouplers.  The idea is that you can install a jack in the bent device where you would normally install a pitch bending potentiometer, then use the sequencer to control the pitch bend.  More on this as it develops.

Windell Blogged about BMP2PEG

Windell, the creator of the Peggy2, blogged about using my BMP2PEG program to create a Halloween jack-o-lantern display on the Peggy2.  I am quite flattered!

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BMP2PEG (Bitmap to Peggy)

Now that I have my Peggy2 up and running, I was able to finish my bitmap to Peggy2 conversion program.  I uploaded it to the Peggy2 Google code archive.  The program converts any bitmap file into a program that runs on the Peggy2 and displays the image in LED glory.

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Peggy2 Assembled

I stared at my Peggy2 Light Emitting Pegboard Kit for a couple of weeks and, far from getting more confident, I am more overwhelmed by the sheer volume of soldering to do, so I decided to have it professionally assembled.  I found a guy here in Austin (on craigslist) that does circuit board assembly and hired him to do the soldering.  He did a fantastic job and now I have a working Peggy2.  It is a very cool thing!  Now, I can get my bitmap to Peggy program working.

Built an Atari Punk Console

I have been a little nervous about assembling my Peggy2 kit because there are about 70 components plus the 625 LEDs to solder and my soldering skills are a little stale.  So, to build confidence, I decided to build something a little simpler to get my feet wet.

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Bought a Peggy2

I bought a Peggy2 Light Emitting Pegboard Kit from Evil Mad Science.

The Peggy2 is a 25 by 25 array of 10mm LEDs controlled by an Arduino.  You can write interactive programs to display anything on it.  I actually found it by searching online for a circuit that does just that.  I am very excited to play with it.  While I am waiting for it to arrive, I am writing a program that will convert a bitmap image into the Arduino code needed to display the image on the Peggy2.

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