Mickey Delp

Electronics, Synthesizers, and Blinky Lights

Mickey Delp is an electrical and computer engineer with expertise in analog and digital circuit design and embedded systems programming. Mickey is the founder and Chief Inventor at Delptronics, an instructor at dadageek, a frequent presenter at Maker Faire, Dorkbot, and Nerd Nite, and co-showrunner of Nerd Nite Austin. Mickey is also an electronic musician who performs solo and with various projects around Austin.

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The Tarotron 3000

The Tarotron 3000 is a fortune telling arcade machine. It combines a centuries old divination technique, fine woodworking, pinball machine artwork, and modern technology. Draw four cards from the tarot deck and the robotic mystic will tell you your fortune.

LED Matrix Game System

I built a big LED Matrix, wrote a game engine for it, and got developers to write games for it.

Drum Machines Nerd Nite Talk

On September 14, 2016, I gave a presentation on Drum Machines at Nerd Nite Austin. I also brought eight machines from my personal collection to show.

The Golden Age of the Home Computer

On September 11, 2013, I did a presentation at Nerd Nite Austin on The Golden Age of the Home Computer.  It features many machines from my personal collection.  I focused on 1983 - a very significant year in the history of home computers.

Anatomy of a Drum Machine

This is the story of the design and development of the Delptronics LDB-1 Analog Drum Machine with a focus on the technical details. I had been studying analog drum circuits for about a year, including...

Electronic Sound Synthesis

I will be presenting a talk on "Electronic Sound Synthesis" at Nerd Nite Austin on March 7th at 7pm. UPDATE: Here is the video of my talk!

Synth In a Box

I have been conducting a series of music electronics workshops in conjunction with Switched On, the awesome Austin synthesizer shop. In the November 2011 workshop we build a new mini synthesizer that...

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