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Drum Machines Nerd Nite Talk

On September 14, 2016, I gave a presentation on Drum Machines at Nerd Nite Austin. I also brought eight machines from my personal collection to show.


I bought the x0x-heart circuit board from Open Music Labs The x0x-heart is a clone of the TB-303 voice. It is just the synth voice, without a sequencer. That suits me just fine because I build my...

FatMan Mods

I modded my PAiA FatMan to adda sub-octave square wave oscillator, hard sync switch, and band pass filter switch.


After I built the NeinOhNein hand clap pedal, I was inspired to create my own hand clap circuit – the Thunderclap. When I designed the LDB-1 Drum Machine, I included a simple hand clap. The sound is...

Hand Clap Pedal

This is my first attempt at painting a custom pedal. Up until now, I have always used inkjet printed vinyl stickers on my custom pedals. The pedal is built around the NeinOhNein Clap...

The Effeutron Autonomous Noise Music Machine

The Effeutron is a device I created specifically for the Wall Only Fest. It is an autonomous noise wall music generating machine. It has eight independent oscillators each with its own LFO and...

Anatomy of a Drum Machine

This is the story of the design and development of the Delptronics LDB-1 Analog Drum Machine with a focus on the technical details. I had been studying analog drum circuits for about a year, including...

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