Built an Atari Punk Console

I have been a little nervous about assembling my Peggy2 kit because there are about 70 components plus the 625 LEDs to solder and my soldering skills are a little stale. So, to build confidence, I decided to build something a little simpler to get my feet wet.

I remembered an article I had read in the 07/08/2009 Jameco Electronics email newsletter about the Atari Punk Console by Forrest M. Mims III. It was a blast from the past for me because I remembered building the circuit from Mims’ Engineer's Notebook back in 1981. I had no idea that in the intervening years, the circuit had developed a cult following. I had all of the necessary components in my parts drawers already. I even had a little enclosure that has a 9v battery compartment that had been sitting around for years just waiting for a use. The unit works great, although it looks a little rough.

Click on a picture for a full size version.

APC Internals APC Outside