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Bender Sequencer with Monotron and Gakken Synths

The most commonly asked questions about the Bender Sequencer are: "I have/want to get a Bender Sequencer, so how do I hook it up to my ___?" and "What is the easiest device to hook up to the Bender...

Birdianoforte: Circuit-bent Bird Song Calendar II

I took another run at bending a bird song calendar. I wanted to do something more complex with it than I did the first time . I had planned to enter it in the Second Annual Moog Circuit Bending...

Circuit Bent SAW III Memo Recorder

On August 8th, at the Handmade Music Austin

Circuit Bending Talk

I will be giving an introductory talk on circuit bending – what it is and how to do it - at this month’s Handmade Music Austin event on Sunday, May 2nd. During the talk, I will be demonstrating...

Circuit Bent Bird Song Calendar

UPDATE: After you read about this project, take a look at my latest effort to bend the birds to my will:The Birdianoforte! I read a posting on, one of my favorite circuit bending sites,...

Bender Sequencer Enclosure

Here are some more pictures and video of my Bender Sequencer. This one is built into an enclosure. Almost all of the parts for it (except the board and chips) were purchased at Radio Shack. I...

Bender Sequencer

The Bender Sequencer can turn any device that makes sounds into a rhythm or melody machine by playing a sequence of notes. The Bender Sequencer was created specifically for controlling devices that were never even designed to be controlled!

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